About Us - Jeanine Jollineau - Senior Designer


Jeanine Jollineau


Jeanine believes that every project deserves individualized attention and focus, which allows her to provide a unique customer service experience and HVAC excellence. Jeanine has decades of experience through co-owning a mechanical contracting firm and as an independent HVAC designer. Every year, Jeanine works on approximately 200 jobs of varied complexity.


Put your home in good hands!

Jeanine enjoys being part of every project or renovation to meet the challenges of planning for comfort and efficiency in their HVAC systems. Whether it be working with installers, architects, builders or homeowners, her in-depth knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and reputation for producing accurate, detailed work keeps her in high demand. 


Training and Certifications

- CSA Standard F-280-12: Renewal of HRAI certification in residential heat loss and gain to the revised standard

- Hot2000 Performance Modeling: For Part 12 Performance Path

- EnergyStar Builder Workshop

- Canadian GeoExchange Coalition: Accredited Geothermal Designer

- Ministry of Housing - Ontario: BCIN including General/Legal, HVAC-House, Building Services (Part 9 Buildings), Small Buildings, and House

- HRAI, RASDT: Residential Air System Design Technician

- HRAI, RHDT: Residential Hydronic Design Technician

- HRAI, Small Commercial: HL/HG and Duct Design